Udruga djece s teškoćama u razvoju, osoba s invaliditetom i njihovih obitelji






Projekt je financiran sredstvima Europske unije iz Europskog socijalnog fonda.

Ulaganje u budućnost

Integracija skupina u nepovoljnom položaju u redoviti obrazovni sustav

Projekt provodi Udruga "Srce" u partnerstvu: Centar za socijalnu skrb S.I.Zelina, DV Proljeće, DV Tintilinić, Osnovna škola Dragutina Domjanića, Osnovna škola Ksavera Šandora Đalskog, Osnovna škola Bedenica i Srednja škola Dragutina Stražimira.

1. Srce Club

Program "Srce Club” - half day stay, and the only such service that is performed five days a week with a series of occupational rehabilitation activities and activities that help users to integrate into the community where they live, in order to empower and train them for an independent, active and of quality private and social life.

A series of workshops are carried out (activities of daily living - personal hygiene, cooking, household, gardening), self-advocacy, communication, drama, music and dance, creative, art, computer, journalists and others, the activities of quality leisure time (sports, social games, evening entertainment, therapeutic swimming, etc.), but also educational and integrative activities (visits to cultural and economic centers, media campaigns, participation in the activities of the immediate and wider community, socializing with other associations, arranging window displays and marking of significant dates during the year, excursions organization) through which users adopt new social skills or strengthen already existing ones, which affects the psychological and physical abilities of the user. Through the activities, users express and communicate their desires, interests and attitudes.

Many of the activities of the Srce Club are conducted outside the premises of the Association, which contributes to diverse content of the program, the acquisition of knowledge from various fields and introducing new places and people.

15 to 20 members use half day on a daily basis, with an organized transportation vehicle of the Association, and they also get a cooked meal.

The Srce Club was formed in 2010 as a one-year project, and its implementation has continued as a three-year program that has been approved and funded by the Ministry of Social Policy and Youth, for a period from 1st of June 2011 to 31st of May 2014.

This program includes many specific activities that are of great importance for persons with disabilities, and it is completely consistent with the objectives of the Srce Association. As such, it is unique in its implementation in the area of our town and its surroundings, and it has been recognized as a priority area for activities by the various stakeholders.

Take a look at the presentation - KLUB SRCE 2011-2014

The Srce Club continues its work since 01/06/2014 under the new three-year program approved and partially funded by the Ministry of Social Policy and Youth.

2. Personal assistant

Personal assistant services program

Movement and philosophy of independent living for people with the most severe degree of disability introduced personal assistants service, whose goal is to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities.

The "Personal Assistant” project is carried out within the associations of persons with disabilities, and it is intended for people with the most severe type and degree of disability. The project was initiated in 2006 as a pilot project by the Ministry of Family, Veterans and Intergenerational Solidarity. The right to a personal assistant can be achieved through the Association so that the organization applys for a potential user of this service by sending their projects to tender for proposals for the "Personal Assistant" project, and the funds must be approved for this purpose.

The Srce Association got involved in this project back in 2010, by the provision of personal assistance services for a single user, and from 2012 for two users.

Personal assistants provide help to individuals and it generally includes help in taking care of themselves, housework, shopping, administrative tasks, help in communicating with others and support in various social activities. People who use the personal assistants services noticed a positive change in their lives and research has shown that the personal assistants customers are highly satisfied with their services. It has been determined that persons with disabilities who use the personal assistants services, are more involved in community life and that relationships within their family are better.

Since 2013, by decision of the Ministry of Social Policy and Youth, a program that provides personal assistance services for people with disabilities in Croatia was approved as a three-year program with the financial support within the available funds of the Croatia’s State Budget and partially from the gaming industry income, for the period from 2013 to 2015.

In 2013 and 2014, the Srce Association provides personal assistance service for two other users, both with its own resources and donor funds (Rotary Club, Zelina utilities).

3. Institutional support to associatons of persons with disabilities

National Foundation is the leading public institutions for collaboration, networking and funding of civil society organizations, and institutional support is a specific form of investment in the stabilization and development of organizations exclusively registered in the Republic of Croatia.

The Srce Association also has achieved the funding for the three-year program of institutional support, in the area of ​​the unions and associations of persons with disabilities in 2014, in the amount of 133,185.00 hrk. The funding is intended for stabilization and further development of the association in several segments, primarily through the provision of financial resources to cover the costs of activities, to raise capacity, mobilizing members and support staff, assistants and volunteers through workshops in the field of psychodrama, strategies and skills to cope with stress, informal mediation as a tool for constructive conflict resolution, communication skills and teamwork, development of project ideas and writing proposals for the European Social Fund, volunteer management, community organization, etc. and as part of the programs of the Srce Club, "Community Support” and "Start and Change”.

Thanks to previous institutional support that we have acquired from the National Foundation for Civil Society Development and other donors (Town of St. I. Zelina, Zagreb County, businesses) and our own resources, we managed to achieve relevant results like: community work, increasing the visibility of the Association activities, promoting volunteerism, raising awareness and visibility levels in the environment in which they live.

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