Udruga djece s teškoćama u razvoju, osoba s invaliditetom i njihovih obitelji






Projekt je financiran sredstvima Europske unije iz Europskog socijalnog fonda.

Ulaganje u budućnost

Integracija skupina u nepovoljnom položaju u redoviti obrazovni sustav

Projekt provodi Udruga "Srce" u partnerstvu: Centar za socijalnu skrb S.I.Zelina, DV Proljeće, DV Tintilinić, Osnovna škola Dragutina Domjanića, Osnovna škola Ksavera Šandora Đalskog, Osnovna škola Bedenica i Srednja škola Dragutina Stražimira.

1.  EU project: Community support 

In August 2013, the Srce Association signed an agreement with the European Union and thus, for the first time, it included this project financed by the EU among its other projects.

With this project, our goal is to provide immediate assistance to children with disabilities to be integrated into the regular education system (preschool, elementary and secondary education).

The Srce Association on this project has seven partners, who altogether are responsible for obtaining and implementation of this project, the one that is extremely important for the local community: Social Welfare Centre St. I. Zelina, Kindergarten Spring, Kindergarten Tintilinić, Elementary School Dragutin Domjanić, Elementary School Ksaver Šandor Đalski, Elementary School Bedenica and High School Dragutin Stražimir.

In order to better implement the planned activities and monitor the implementation of the project, we established a project team consisting of experts from a range of partner organizations and associations.

  • Đurđa Penava, President of the Srce Association, project manager
  • Alma Mašić Biljan, Director of the Center for Social Welfare, member of the project team
  • Andreja Gračner, Pedagogue in Elementary School D. Domjanić, Education and training coordinator
  • Dolores Orbanić Biliškov, Pedagogue in Elementary School K. Š. Đalski, Workshop Coordinator
  • Ivana Šokčević, the Srce Association, social pedagogue
  • Antonija Kustura, the Srce Association, speech therapist
  • Jelena Kovačević, the Srce Association, administrative / financial contributor for the EU project

Project employees:

  • Ivana Šokčević, assistance in learning and social pedagogy
  • Petra Purgar, speech therapist (until 31st March 2014)
  • Antonija Kustura, speech therapist (since 1st April 2014)
  • Jelena Kovačević, administrative / financial assistant
  • Ana Zerec, assistant in Kindergarten Proljeće
  • Melita Posavec, assistant in Kindergarten Proljeće
  • Ana Filipović, assistant in Kindergarten Proljeće
  • Maja Kušić, assistant in Kindergarten Proljeće (until 28th February 2014)
  • Ivan Kudelić, assistant in Kindergarten Proljeće (since 1st March 2014)
  • Amalija Klobučar, assistant in Kindergarten Tintilinić
  • Ivana Haramina, assistant in Kindergarten Tintilinić (until 31st October 2013)
  • Ana Vondraček, assistant in Kindergarten Tintilinić (since 4th November 2013 til 9th  March 2014)
  • Renata Hundrić, assistant in Kindergarten Tintilinić (since 10th March 2014)
  • Fran Baček, assistant in Elementary School D. Domjanić
  • Sanja Pucak, assistant in Elementary School D. Domjanić
  • Ivana Kušek, assistant in Elementary School D. Domjanić
  • Sadet Limari Živoder, assistant in Elementary School D. Domjanić
  • Karolina Poldrugač, assistant in Elementary School D. Domjanić
  • Marina Bedeković, assistant in Elementary School K.Š. Đalski (until 25th September 2013)
  • Ivana Fučkan, assistant in Elementary School K. Š. Đalski (since 25th September 2013)
  • Nikolina Obad, assistant in Elementary School K. Š. Đalski
  • Irena Dropulja, assistance in learning and assistant in Elementary School K. Š. Đalski
  • Jadranka Bedeković, assistant in Elementary School Bedenica
  • Nikola Kušec, assistant in Elementary School Bedenica
  • Suzana Drača, assistant in High School D. Stražimir   


Through this project, the Srce Association has provided a bit of equipment for partner schools, according to their needs.

Elementary School D. Domjanić:

  • Computer
  • Printer/scanner

Elementary School Bedenica:

  • Digital speech therapy kit
  • Logo Tests

Elementary School K. Š. Đalski:

  • Computer
  • Mat
  • Didactic materials

The Srce Association:

  • Computers
  • Vibrophone
  • Flipchart
  • Camera
  • Binding Machines


Training sessions for teaching assistants and nursery took place in September 2013 for a period of four days that were led by director of Knowledge Center PROFECTUS Darko Kobetić, prof. rehabilitator. 19 teaching assistants and nursery assistants attended the training. The objective of this training was to learn more about teaching assistants how to work with children with disabilities, to educate them to improve their work performance and encourage them to have a positive effect on members of the local community, and therefore spread empathy towards children with disabilities and people with disabilities as full members of society.

Trainings are designed as interactive and everyone participated actively, presenting their views and observations and requested advice prof. Kobetić to assist them in resolving potential difficulties in their work.

Education for teachers

35 teachers participated at the training session, from elementary schools Dragutin Domjanić, K. Š. Đalski and Bedenice and high school Dragutin Stražimir.

Training lasted for 2 days, and was led by director of the Knowledge Center PROFECTUS Darko Kobetić, prof. rehabilitator. Through education, the methods and procedures for working with children with disabilities were clarified to teachers with specific examples. Teachers were actively engaged in training, they represented the difficulties they encountered in their work and jointly discussed possible solutions.

Education for kindergarten teachers

In February 2014, 53 kindergarten teachers attended the training session that was carried out in two groups, led by prof. Jasmina Frey Škrinjar. The teachers were from Kindergarten Spring and Kindergarten Tintilinić. Education was focused on children with autism and autistic spectrum disorders. During applying for this project, kindergartens have shown a need for this kind of education precisely, because everyday there is more children with these disorders that are enrolled in regular kindergartens, and work methods with them require a lot of effort and adjustment in kindergarten groups.

The teachers were actively involved in training and mutually shared experience.

The workshop for the staff and volunteers of the Srce Association

The workshop for the employees of the Srce Association (19) and volunteers (10), conducted by the director of Illyricum Advisory, MA Zrinski Pelajić on “Teamwork, communication skills, active listening, conflict resolution and motivation” in February 2014. An interesting workshop lasted for four days and all participants welcomed tips and examples from Mr. Pelajić, how to handle business communication and how to avoid a conflict, or that it is positively resolved. In addition to the business segment, this workshop helped us to apply the advices in private life as well.

School for parents

School for parents, under the expert guidance of Ms. Ana Ivančan, was maintained through five workshops during five weeks in November and December 2013.

Ana Ivančan is a pedagogue and a parent and her advice and examples were of great help to parents on how to behave with their children and how to guide them through life efficiently. Parental care is everyday task of each parent and they are often in challenging situations in upbringing. It goes without saying that every parent wants only the best for their children, but sometimes they also need help in overcoming challenges.

Through this workshop, parents had the opportunity to introduce themselves, their children and their needs and share the difficulties they encountered. Support provided from one parent to another is of great importance to strengthen society and improve relationships.

2. Long-term sustainability project

Solar power plant ''Srce''

Given the large number of members and appropriate programs and activities for them, from the very start the Association ensures a sum of the financial resources by its own engagement and selling unique products created in its workshops, selling waste paper and tickets for humanitarian events once or twice a year.

In order to expand the sources of self-financing and self-sustainability, at the end of 2013 we signed a contract on the purchase of electricity from the Croatian Energy Market Operator for a period of 14 years. The contract regulates the purchase of electricity that we will be producing at the plant "Solar Power Srce" located on the roof of our house and on the south side of the fence. The total annual electricity production that is planned totals 30,000 kWh, and the income realized through the sale of the electricity will be used for the costs of building maintenance, environmental maintenance, energy payments, utilities, fuel, vehicle maintenance, etc.

We are grateful to all who have contributed to our efforts and everyone who contributed to this project.

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